Trisense comes with a standard button and Trisense Enhancer adds 3 more styles of button to Trisense. On top of the button styles, there are 3 different sizes too.

View the Trisense buttons documentation.

[button text="My Button" url="https://trisense.net"]

Standard Button Style

Standard Button
[button text="My Button" url="https://trisense.net"]

Secondary Button Style

Secondary Button
[button text="My Button" style="secondary" url="https://trisense.net"]

Outline Button Style

Outline Button Style
[button text="My Button" style="outline" url="https://trisense.net"]

Link Button Style

Link button style
[button text="My Button" style="link" url="https://trisense.net"]

Block Buttons

Buttons can also be made to be full width of the section it is in.

Block button
[button text="My Button" block="yes" url="https://trisense.net"]

Button Sizes

Each button style comes in 3 different sizes: sm (Small), default (Medium) and lg (Large).

[button text="My Button" size="sm" url="https://trisense.net"]