This is a demo of the accordion shortcode feature for the Trisense theme.

This is a shortcode that gets added in through the Trisense Enhancer plugin.

Accordions are a good way to layout a page when you have a lot of content and it is neater to just display the titles rather than the full content.

When you click the title of the accordion, it will toggle the content to either display or hide.

My first accordion
This is content that is hidden by default. It is shown when you click the accordion title

You can set the accordions body content to be shown on load or hidden. It gets hidden by default.

My second accordion. Content is shown by default
This is the accordions body content. The accordion is set so that this content gets shown by default.

How to insert an accordion

Accordions can be added In the visual editor “Insert Shortcode” dropdown.

  1. Click the button and go to Design > Accordion to bring up the accordion shortcode insert window.
  2. Add a title for the accordion.
  3. Choose wether to show/hide the content on load.
  4. Click OK to insert the shortcode on the page.